WBWO Wideband Signals Analyst (WWSA) [2021-23]

The Wideband Watch Office (WBWO) Wideband Signals Analyst (WWSA) will be familiar with the operations of the Army’s Wideband SATCOM Operations Centers (WSOC). The WWSA provides oversight and monitoring of the Wideband SATCOM Operations and Management System Network (WSOMSNet) and engages Wideband SATCOM Operations Centers (WSOC) to maintain situational awareness of Wideband MILSATCOM’s space-based assets and ground control infrastructure status. The contractor in the WBWO will report operational and maintenance issues to Space and Missile Defense Command Staff. The WWSA utilizes the DOSS, CNPS, WRMS, and GTC3S as the primary tools to perform their oversight and monitoring tasks. The WWSA coordinates their activities through the Senior WWSA or the shift lead and appropriate agencies.

Required Skills:

• Ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks.

• Strong enterprise network troubleshooting (Cisco IOS(s), IP routing, EIGRP)

• Strong skill set with Microsoft Office software applications.

• Demonstrated ability to work and grow in a dynamic, fast paced, team-oriented environment

• Support critical operations during standard and non-standard working hours

• Shall provide Wideband Support as it relates to the duties of the Consolidated-Satellite Systems Expert (C-SSE).

• Monitor and maintain Situational Awareness of all activities related to the WSOCs and RSSCs

• Reviewing proposed satellite command plans and provides troubleshooting assistance to the WSOCs, RSSCs, and SATCOM terminals.

• Be familiar with and follow all Transmission Controller Operating Instructions contained in the Wideband Controllers Guide (WCG).

• Review the Control Change Queue in CNPS; document changes to CNPS plans,

• Verify the performance of transmission links for all assigned satellites by using the WRMS.

• Analyze appropriate 8-Hour Reports to verify transmission and terminal performance and status.

• Engage with WSOCs to perform adjustments necessary to achieve established operating parameters.

• Assist any WSOC in identifying, troubleshooting, and eliminating anomalous transmission and payload conditions.

• Provide assistance with development and review of policy and procedural documents.

• Report operational and maintenance issues to SMDC Staff and 53D Signal Battalion S3 Staff, as required

• Perform all required reporting to the appropriate agencies.

• Review the Hazardous Condition (HAZCON) Log using DIMS.

• Complete and submit DORs in accordance with the applicable guidance.

• Coordinate enterprise terminal ASIs and emergency outages with appropriate agencies.

• Review relevant DIMS Reports daily.

• Review alarms for the past 24 hours in WRMS daily.

• Complete and submit AARs in accordance with the applicable guidance.

• Maintain situational awareness of WSOMS network using SolarWinds.

• Oversee circuit testing and direct TMDE setup and use.

• Interface with all SME’s and program assets to assist with fault isolation.

• Assist with primary troubleshooting and anomaly resolution for all mission system within the WSOC’s

• Shift work providing 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year coverage support

• Propagate a culture of safety in all aspects of the job

• Associate degree in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent. • Experience in the use of IT tools

5 years’ experience working as a military SATCOM controller 2 years of related experience may be substituted for 1 year of education.

Peterson AFB


April 1, 2021

U.S. Citizenship is required. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Please visit the Equal Employment Opportunity link below for further information.
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