Facility Electrical Engineer [2020-73]

SMC Logistics Infrastructure Support Services (SLISS)-II

Provide facility electrical engineering support for SMC/ECP located in Building 2025, PAFB. Building 2025, the Centralized Integration Support Facility (CISF) is ~ 200,000 square feet. The CISF operates on four 2000DVA 30 480/277V main circuit breakers, 2 generators, 500 KVA 30 480/277 unit, 500 gallon diesel each, 17 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) with additional units to be installed as mission requirements dictates with the facilities team managing and overseeing the installation of additional units. The building has eight 300 ton chillers, 16 chiller pumps, 8 cooling towers, 4 VFD chilled water circulating pumps, two 120 British Thermal Units (BTU) boilers, 2 hot water pumps, 12 air handlers, 24 supply & return fans nominal 20hp each, 2 domestic water heaters and 2 elevators (1 freight and 1 passenger).

Facilities requirements include accomplishing designs for major and minor construction projects throughout the facility. The Facilities team will design, coordinate, and submit Statements of Works (SOW) through 21 Civil Engineering (CE) channels for approval. Facilities provides complete updated electrical drawings of all projects conducted to 21 CE. It is critical the contractor has a thorough understanding of these complex systems to build complete and accurate SOWs. Facilities manages over 25 trouble calls per week and provides in-house repairs to 75% percent of those calls. For the remaining 25%, facilities contacts 21 CE to assist in troubleshooting. The calls are tracked and monitored until completion. The CISF has 80,000 square feet of computer space, requiring facilities personnel to troubleshoot, provide crucial information, and the expertise to assist the programs in assuring little to no mission downtime. The electrical engineer is required to perform system resets and minor troubleshooting and repair. However primary maintenance is conducted by 21 CE or contracted out to external entities.

Duties include but not limited to the following:

• Report to the government any equipment or applications problems or faults for the building through a thorough check of all equipment and applications at least once a quarter to ensure they are working properly;

• Check and monitor fire and water system alarms system alarms 1x/mo; notify 21CE of alarm failure and alarm activation location, need of repair and assist emergency service personnel with entry. Notify appropriate personnel of emergency situations in accordance with governing directives, guidance and policy;

• Perform space allocation studies 1x/quarter for technical and administrative areas based on equipment capacity, provisions in related instructions and mission needs; assist in assigning and tracking space allocation for weapon system tenants within 2 business days of request;

• Maintain a panel schedule database within Excel that identifies power requirements, circuit breaker assignment and circuit loading for technical and administrative areas;

• Analyze power loading requirements and recommend power allocation realignments for the entire facility. Provide analysis and recommendations when needed or ~1x/qtr;

• Perform minor electrical installations or changes for building infrastructure (reconfiguration of system furniture electrical connectivity, install/removal of electrical outlets, and lighting) according to code and coordinated with CE prior to accomplishment (approximately 20 to 25 tasks/yr);

• Update electrical database as heat loads change for equipment modifications, ~20-25 updates/yr.

• Perform minor mechanical installations or changes to the building infrastructure for CISF (i.e., monitor installs, hanging whiteboards, assembly or repair of furniture);

• Maintain and update CISF Facility Installation Standard (FIS) for all installed system equipment in the technical areas. The FIS identifies requirements when adding or removing equipment to an area-as equipment is added, 23-30/yr;

• Review coordinate, and validate requests for waivers for non-standard installations (equipment that cannot connect into Bldg 2025 infrastructure; e.g. water cooled computer server racks, 400-cycle power computer equipment) within 2 business days of receipt;

• Provide guidance to installation contractors on CISF technical requirements and standards within 20 minutes of arrival on site to perform work;

• Review proposed installation, modification, or de-installation packages for proper engineering, design, completeness, and compliance with the FIS for the CISF within 7 business day of receipt and returned with comments or concurrence;

• Inspect and certify all modification work after completion of standards and codes compliance within 2 hours of completed modification;

• Develop and maintain a spreadsheet database to schedule and track technical area infrastructure inspections and maintenance for the CISF. This database includes UPS Power and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) scheduled maintenance, UPS battery replacement, replacement of HVAC air filters and humidification components, fire alarm maintenance, and utility consumption to include electricity, water, sewage, and natural gas. Update spreadsheet as appropriate or check for accuracy 1x/mo;

• Assist CE monthly testing of two emergency power generators;

• Maintain a database of periodic surveys conducted by CE pertaining to the facility, updated monthly

• Ensure air quality remains within ASHRAE standards and manufacturer's equipment guidelines; document accordingly in the CISF Facility Management database and report through the CE Work Order database;

• Maintain power distribution CAD drawings for the CISF showing transformer and panel locations, power cable one-line routing, circuit identification, and equipment receptacle locations; review and update 1x/qtr unless changes are made;

• Perform electrical engineering design for power distribution, grounding, lighting, security, and fire alarm systems, ~20-25x/yr and updated upon completion of each project. Update 1x/qtr unless changes are needed;

• Perform periodic power and harmonics monitoring using government equipment 1x/qtr to verify adequate power quality for the CISF;

• Assist government facility managers in the administration of the fire prevention and safety programs for the CISF;

• Perform monthly inspections of fire extinguishers and emergency lighting; assist in emergency evacuation plans and fire alarm responses for the CISF;

• Work with government facility managers and engineering teams to update designs for facilities furniture system installations, upgrades, modifications and expansions as required and within 10 business days of notification;

• Work with the CISF Facility Management for additions and deletions of the facility inventory system, verifying accuracy 1x/qtr;

• Comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to HAZMAT and the safety and health of Hazardous Waste (HW) operations;

• Identify to the Government any shipments of unlabeled HAZMAT or HAZMAT without an MSDS

• Maintain formal key control for the CISF Key Control System, updating 1x/qtr

• Maintain records and control of the master key system, update records as necessary, check accuracy 1x/qtr;

• Prevent unauthorized access using documentation management and status reporting of critical elements in the master key system;

• Maintain a listing and identify all of the facility key holders and account for all of the keys in the CISF, updating list of key holders 1x/qtr;

• Maintain inventory of lamps and replace as necessary

• Record building utilities meters monthly

Required Skills:

• Working knowledge of AutoCAD

• Detail oriented with good planning and organizational skills

• Facility maintenance or management

Preferred Qualifications:

• Prior military or civil service experience

• Experience briefing senior leadership

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Trade School, or equivalent combination of education and experience

5 years professional electrical engineering experience

Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO



U.S. Citizenship is required. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Please visit the Equal Employment Opportunity link below for further information.
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