Mid Level Military Operations Analyst [2020-39]

OASIS - Satellite Operations Brigade MILSATCOM A&A Support

Supports the USASMDC/ARSTRAT G6 SATCOM Directorate responsible for providing International Partners with operational WGS support under various international agreements. Tasks include Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) Support Services such as developing and formulating comments, recommendations, position papers, white papers, etc. related to funding or other functional areas.

Responsibilities include the following:

• BRA Collection and Reporting

• Operational Action Item Management

• SAR/SAA Monitoring & Troubleshooting

• After Action Report (AAR) management

• Partner Operational Document & Process Review

• Secure Information Exchange support

o Management of BICES SharePoint site, account management, and develop policy for file management

o Developing operations procedures and Integration/Installation

• Provide Partners with FDO approved products for WGS system situational awareness

• Review of U.S. DOD SATCOM doctrine to determine impact to MOU (CJCSI, USSPACECOM SI, USASMDC, Wideband C-SSE, etc.)

• Operations Support Guide Development and Management

o Develop new guidance, as required, in support of MOU operations

• Planner Working Group Meeting support

• Technical Interchange Meeting support

• Monthly Project Teleconference support

• Presentation and product development for Multilateral MOU Project Status Reviews

• Presentation and product development for Multilateral MOU Steering Committee Meetings

• Monitor operations documentation for the MOU as it concerns classification, caveat, and project information markings

• Review Project Security Instruction to ensure it remains relevant to WGS operation with Partners

• Provide MOU training to USASMDC Staff, RSSCs, WSOCs, etc.

• Provide daily operational management support to International Partners and Wideband C-SSE team

Required Skills:

• Experience in planning, execution, and operations for DOD Wideband SATCOM missions

• Understanding of the International Partner SATCOM community, apportionment/allocation, resource monitoring and terminal control, terminal and modem certification

• Ability to speak comfortably in front of large groups

• Independently conduct formal and informal training presentations

• Ability to multi-task with a high degree of accuracy and minimal supervision in a fast-paced environment with specific time constraints

• Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook required

• Able to work with and appropriately protect classified and proprietary information

• Strong organization skills

• Ability to write procedures/plans in a logical/methodical manner

Bachelor's degree or higher, or have significant military training in SATCOM and can demonstrate proficiency in SATCOM principles, technical analysis, and problem solving

5 + years of experience in Department of Defense (DOD) SATCOM, preferably Wideband

Colorado Springs, CO


August 31, 2020

U.S. Citizenship is required. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Please visit the Equal Employment Opportunity link below for further information.
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